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· Domestic 30t/h mobile resin sand mixer 1 set
· 25t/h fixed resin sand mixer 1 set
· One 12t/h fixed sand mixer
· 20t/h sand regeneration treatment system
· Two sets of 15 tons of electric arc furnace
· Two units of 10 tons of intermediate frequency furnace
· One 40 ton LF refining furnace
· Two gas heat treatment furnaces
· One rotating blasting machine room for trolleys
· A total of 16 sets of lifting equipment such as 75 tons, 50 tons, 40 tons and 32 tons
Advanced production and testing equipment ensure the stability of product quality; we have perfect testing, monitoring equipment and instruments to achieve a high level of quality control; the technology and technology department continuously improve and improve the quality control system and production process, Ensure that product quality continues to improve.
· Germany QUANTRON direct reading spectrometer;
· Micro hardness tester;
· Microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal material testing machine;
· Ultrasonic flaw detector;
· Portable Richter-Rockwell-Brinell hardness tester.
· Electronic metallographic microscope;
· Fatigue testing machine (US imports);
· Microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal material testing machine;
· Material impact testing machine, impact sample notch projector;
· Magnetic particle flaw detector.