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TAA Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Daya Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Zibo Daya Metal Technology Co., Ltd. The company is located in Zhoucun District, a century-old commercial and cultural city known as the “dry dock”. And Mengshan Tourist Resort, north of Jiaoji Railway and Jiqing Expressway, beautiful environment and convenient transportation!
The company's main products are various grades of steel castings, ductile iron parts, gray iron parts, marine decking machinery and metal abrasive fatigue life testing machines for marine, wind power and other industries, and carry out related technical services and international trade.
The company's cast steel workshop adopts nitrogen-free furan resin sand molding process, electric arc furnace + LF refining furnace steelmaking combined with argon gas purification steel, shot blasting surface treatment, gas heat treatment furnace heat treatment, equipped with German Kangcheng direct reading spectrometer, magnetic particle inspection And ultrasonic testing, micro-screen display universal material testing machine, impact testing machine, metallographic microscope and other testing equipment and large vertical car, mobile end milling machine and other processing equipment, steel castings, ductile iron parts, gray iron parts dimensional accuracy, Surface finish, mechanical properties and internal quality are in line with national and international standards.
The company's annual production capacity reaches 20,000 tons, and the weight per piece reaches 75 tons. The products have passed ISO9001-2008 quality certification and China (CCS), the United States (ABS), France (BV), Germany (GL), the United Kingdom (LR), South Korea (KR), Italy (RINA), Japan (NK) and many other classification societies certification, product quality has reached the advanced level in the same industry! The company will use the accumulated design and manufacturing experience over the years, relying on Shandong's rich resources and industrial advantages, and relying on technological innovation to provide customers with comprehensive, holistic and value-added services and products to meet new domestic and international The needs of old friends to develop constantly, go hand in hand with all friends, and win-win cooperation!


Company mission

Serving the global manufacturing industry, relying on technology to help China's manufacturing continue to surpass and persevere.

Company Vision

To build the best staff in the same industry and become the best supporting supplier in the domestic equipment industry. It has long been the most suitable enterprise for employees to grow and work.

Business philosophy

Serve customers, achieve employees,Reward shareholders and contribute to society.

Focus on products

Focus on cast steel, ductile iron, gray iron and other casting products of various grades.